Ag PhD Insider Magazine

Ag PhD Insider magazine is a bi-monthly publication continuing Ag PhD’s mission of providing valuable information to improve your production and bottom line. With regular features on farmers pushing the envelope of innovation, as well as informational columns covering agronomic best practices, the latest equipment technologies, and cutting edge research, Ag PhD Insider provides you with a wide range of the information you need to make the best possible farm investment decisions.

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What You Get is MORE…

What you will find in the Ag PhD Insider magazine is more – more articles, more pictures, more guests, and more information to help your farming operation. You will see articles from yield champions and others who have great ideas on how to improve both bushels and profits.  Here is a short list of some of the features we’ll have in every issue:

  • Soil Insights Featuring Nutrient Management Tips
  • High Yield Grower Profiles Telling Their Stories and Journey to Success
  • A Recurring Feature Written by Rob Sharkey Bringing Farmer Stories to Light
  • Several Articles on Corn Management
  • Soybean Crop Protection Information
  • Grain Marketing Information
  • Weed of the Week
  • Ag PhD Mailbag
  • Iron Talk Featuring a Rotation of Expert Guest Contributors on Equipment
  • World Record Yielder Randy Dowdy’s Will Have a Recurring Feature on the Next Steps to Maximum Yields
  • And More Features, Including Farm Basics, Ag PhD Mailbag, and the Latest Info About Ag PhD Events


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